Published Compositions

Most of my compositions, beginning with my first piece published in 1991, have optional instruments and/or multiple performance options, such as bell choir and handbell solo/accompaniment.  Many include instrumental ensembles like recorder consort or string orchestra, which are compatible and completely independent, so they can be performed as separate pieces.  Selections marked as “piece within a piece” (to my knowledge, I’m the only  handbell composer that does this) can be performed as an original composition when the arranged material is omitted. These options give greater flexibility, and more “bang for your buck,” thus stretching your music budget and library. 

Please follow the links for scores and/or recordings.  Some MP3’s are computer generated, while others are performed by live choirs. Click HERE for the lectionary, liturgical, seasonal guides and a separate listing of choral and instrumental works.  Click HERE for a quick reference list of original compositions.


NEW! Every Time I Feel the Spirit in “Bells and Chimes for Special Times” reproducible book. 3-5 oct./opt. chimes.  Publisher’s Description:  “This budget-stretching, reproducible collection is your one-stop resource for a year's worth of ringing.  The eight reproducible titles take you from Advent and Christmas through Easter, Pentecost, and Thanksgiving. Today’s finest handbell composers and arrangers are represented: Childers, Helman, Krug, Larson, McChesney, Nelson, Page, and Tucker. You’ll use this valuable resource again and again! Level 2.” #00-46528

Christmas Trilogy. This 3-5 oct. contains "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" with optional chimes and recorder (C inst.); "Hark the Herald Angels Sing”; and "As With Gladness Men of Old" with optional oboe (C inst.)  and percussion.  This versatile 3-5 octave work will fit your seasonal needs from Advent through Epiphany and beyond.  “As With Gladness Men of Old” may be used anytime during the year under its alternate title “For the Beauty of the Earth” by omitting the quotes from “We Three Kings.”  Each arrangement has its own distinct flavor, from “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” reminiscent of a Renaissance band; to the pastoral “As With Gladness Men of Old,” or the Baroque styling in “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” paired with Handel’s “Water Music.”  These accessible, orchestral arrangements offer plenty of variety through multi-textural layers that will prove interesting for the Level 2 and accomplished ringer alike.  The optional instruments add another dimension to the pieces. Just released and already made J.W. Pepper ”Editor’s Choice!” #44600.

Still, Still, Still.  2-3 oct. bells or chimes, Lvl.1.  Easy enough for children, yet interesting enough for adults!  Click HERE to hear or see the score at J.W. Pepper. #42906.


Oh For a Thousand Tongues. 3-5 oct./opt. 3 oct. chimes. Church Music Sunday/General.  A PDF of the score is provided as it is difficult to hear the treble notes on this recording.  Malecki Music Best Seller. Lvl. 3. #AG35118.   thousand.mp3    thousand.pdf

Osse Shalom (Nurit Hirsh). 3-5 oct./opt. 1 oct. chimes, clarinet or violin & tambourine set in a rousing Klezmer style. Recorded on CD, DVD and used for festivals numerous times. This recording played by Embellish, Grand Rapids, MI, Stephanie Wiltse, Director. AGEHR Best Seller, & Jeffers “HOT 40” title. Lvl. 3. HB Score: #AG35165-2. Inst. Parts: #30/1437AG.  Osse.mp3

Tuya es la Gloria (We Sing of Your Glory). 3-5 oct./opt. 3 oct. chimes, flute (C inst.) and guitar OR bell solo/accomp. Hymn tune is augmented by an original melody I wrote. Repertoire for many Guild festivals including 2010 Area XI Festival Conference and 2007 Area I Festival Conference. A Jeffers “HOT 40” title for nearly 2 years. AGEHR Best Seller. Lvl. 2. #AG35251.

Will You Come and Follow Me (The Summons). 3-5 oct. bells and/or chimes w/opt. violin (C inst.).

This lovely, traditional Scottish melody is supported by flowing LV and a variety of accompaniment figures. Fragile at first, it unfolds to reveal an ending that strong, joyous ending. Different instruments may be used on the solo part to add variety. EXAMPLE:  Violin in the first half and penny whistle at the key change (pick up in m.37) to the end. The ornamentation in the slow, almost fiddle-like violin part enhances the Scottish feel of the piece.  Consider using it for your next “Kirking of the Tartan” ceremony! Lvl. 3. Jeffers “HOT 40” title, AGEHR Best Seller. #AG35289.   Summons.mp3


Czechoslovakian Carol. (Come all ye shepherds) 3-5 oct. handbells. Christmas. Lvl. 3. #HB-27. 


Four Festive Hymns for the Church Year. 2-3 oct./opt. organ & trumpet(s). Easy - cue notes allow the pieces to “grow” with the choir. Contains: All Good Gifts (Thanksgiving), Christ the Lord is Risen (Easter), Come Thou Almighty King, and Trumpet Voluntary on Rejoice the Lord Is King (Christ the King). Lvl. 2. HB score: #HB-38. FS/Parts: #HB38S. GiftsHBOnly.mp3   Risen.mp3  ComeThou.mp3  Rejoice.mp3

Hymmworks II. Collection of short “fillers” for bells and various instruments. Contains: In Dulci Jubilo, The Holly and the Ivy, Holy Manna, The King of Love My Shepherd Is (St. Columba) and Somerset Carol. Easy. #HB-34.

Two Hymns in the Renaissance Style. 3 oct./opt. recorder quartet and perc. Contains: Madrigal on In Thee Is Gladness (General) and Galliard on Fling Wide the Door (Advent). Lvl. 2. HB score: #HB-33.   FS/Parts: #HB33S.     Gladness.mp3      Fling.mp3


Elegy. 2 oct./opt. sop. sax (Bb or C inst) OR bell solo/piano. Original composition. Video recording

played by Campanelli, Estonia, Inna Lai, Director; CD recording played by Handglockenchor, Hannover, Germany, Lothar Mohn, Musical Director. Lvl. 2. #11-10554.  Elegy.wmv   ElegyCD.mp3

Give Me Jesus. 3 oct. handbells. Tender, fragile and almost mournful, this setting is a perfect choice for Lent or reflective services.  Lvl. 2. #11-10983.  GiveMeJesus.mp3

Largo (Vivaldi). 3 oct./opt. C inst. (or guitar) solo, OR bell solo/keyboard or guitar accomp. This highly versatile setting of Vivaldi’s “Lute [mandolin, guitar] Concerto in D major RV93,” has 6 performance options.  It is suitable for church, concert or special occasions such as weddings. Lvl. 2. #11-10556.

A Plainchant Meditation. 3 oct. handbells. A medley of Adoro te Devote, Divinum Mysterium, and

Pange Lingua. Advent, Christmas, Lent, General.  Morning Suite. Original composition in 3

movements:  Psalm, Pastorale, and Dance (has an optional processional and/or bell tree). Lvl. 3.

#11-10696.  “Plainchant” & “Morning Suite” are in the same folio... four pieces for the price of one!   

Plainchant.mp3       Psalm.mp3       Pastorale.mp3       Dance.mp3


Christmas Reflections, an original composition with Christmas carol quotes sprinkled throughout. A “piece within a piece,” it can be played anytime during the year by eliminating the Christmas carol fragments. Commissioned by Deborah and David Rice for the Rejoice Ringers, Becks Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC, it is the title song for their CD. 3-7 oct./opt. 3-6 oct. chimes. Lvl. 3+. #HB230.

Eventide is a medley of “Abide With Me,” “All Night, All Day,” and “Tallis’ Canon” arranged for 3

octaves of bells with optional 3 octaves of chimes. Lent, funerals, evening or mid-week Lenten

services. Lvl. 3.  #HB242.  Live Performance:  eventide.mp3

King of Glory. 3-6 oct./opt. Bb clarinet or violin. Klezmer arrangement suitable for Advent, Palm Sunday, General, concert, or festival. Lvl. 3+. #HB292.


Easter Alleluia (O Sons and Daughters). 3-5 oct./optional 3 oct. chimes, percussion, solo C or Bb instrument. A festive, versatile piece with driving rhythms and rich harmonies. Uses a method I

invented in the early 1990’s to suspend and mallet chimes by placing them clapper side down on the table. Diverse accompaniment is used, from ostinato to crashing chords; descant to pedal point, culminating in an exciting accelerando and Carmina Burana-like ending. Lvl. 2. #CGB216. 

Live Performance: easter_alleluia2.mp3

I've Just Come From the Fountain. 3-5 oct. handbells. This is a fun, upbeat arrangement with plenty of stopped sounds, including a new technique I invented that calls for malleting the handles of the bells! There’s plenty of variety, with the melody featured in the treble, battery or bass, and a “call and response” section, characteristic of the style of spirituals. Minimal use of parentheses and brackets means 3 and 4 octave choirs will not have to omit many notes, which is quite unusual in 3-5 octave arrangements. Baptism, General. Lvl. 2+. Jeffers “HOT 40” title. #CGB531. Live Performance:  fountain_live.mp3


Chaconne. 3 oct./optional 1-2 oct. chimes. This original composition sports variations over a ground bass, similar to the Pachelbel “Canon.” Can be performed on bells, chimes, or both. Good teaching tool for dotted 8th-16th rhythm. Lvl. 2. #CP7025.


Casabel. 3 oct. with opt. sleigh bells. A fun fusion of Good King Wenceslas/Ding Dong Merrily on

High. The opening imitates Prokofiev’s “Troika.” Jeffers “HOT 40” title. Lvl. 2. Concordia #97-6707. 


Coronation Fanfare (All Hail the Power). 3-6 oct./org./piccolo trumpet or 2 trpts./timp./opt.

congregation. A “piece within a piece,” it can be played as an original composition when the

hymn sections are omitted. Great selection for Palm Sunday.  Lvl. 3. HB score: #97-6721.

FS/Parts: #97-6704.  Coronation.mp3

Fum, Fum, Fum. 3-5 oct./opt. 2 oct. chimes, castanets & tambourine. Fun arrangement that sports a tango in the middle section. Lvl. 3. #97-6898.   Fum.mp3

Lenten Prayer. 3 oct./opt. flute OR bell solo/piano. An etherial original composition. Lvl. 2.

#97-6616.  lenten.mp3

Nativity Carol (Puer Nobis Nacitur/Angels We Have Heard). 3-5 oct./opt. 3 oct. chimes, 1-3 oct.

alternate bells or orchestral (tubular) bells, sleigh bells. Has an optional modified change ringing sequence in the middle section for a soloist (bell tree or orchestral bells) or quartet. MP3. Lvl. 2+.

#97-7064.  NativityPartial.mp3     NativityComplete.mp3

Noel, Ye Merry Gentlemen. 3 oct./opt. 2 oct. chimes &/or recorder. An artful blending of Noel Nouvelet and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Lvl. 2. #97-6674.  NoelMerry.mp3

Suite for Handbells & Trumpet in the Baroque Style. 2-3 oct./opt org. & trpt(s). Original composition of 4 movements: Trumpet Voluntary, Fuguing Tune, Hornpipe and Postlude. Great for weddings or general.  Lvl. 3. #97-6621.       trpt_vol_live.mp3      trpt_vol_inst.mp3      Fuging.mp3     

Hornpipe.mp3   Horn_trpt.mp3      Postlude.mp3

What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby. 3 oct./optional 1 oct. chimes.Makes a wonderful prelude or communion selection for Christmas season. Lvl. 2. #97-7105.

Zimbelstern. 2 oct. handbells. Original composition. This recording was played by Handglockenchor, Hannover, Germany, Lothar Mohn, Musical Director. Lvl. 3. #97-6848. Zimbelstern.mp3

4-TOLLED PUBLISHING:  Click HERE for 4-Tolled selections


Ain't a That Good News. Quartet, 3 oct. Have some fun with this energetic, boogie style quartet! #1032.

Air from Water Music (Handel). Quartet, 3 oct. bells or chimes. A stately, faithful transcription, appropriate for church services, weddings, or concert program. Bell assignments are notated by stem direction. #1029.

Brian Boru March. 3-5 oct./opt. flute (or C instrument). A toe tapping set of variations in 6/8 time, enhanced with LV's, malleting and thumb damps in the accompaniment. A quartet version is available also (see below).  Melody may be played as a bell tree.  Lvl. 3. #20168. 

Video of TV Commercial:  briantvcommercial.mp4

Brian Boru March. Quartet version, 3 oct. #1027.

Dances from the Terpsichore (Praetorius). Publisher’s Description: “This extremely versatile collection is an excellent resource for the church, school, or community ensemble. They can be used anytime during the year, but would make a great addition to your next madrigal feast or Christmas service too. Advanced ensembles will enjoy these delightful dances even though they are a Level 2.  Most are short with optional repeats, but since they range from 20 measures (Sarabande) to 78 (Courante), they can fit practically anywhere!”  All are for 2-5 oct. (#20198HB) and have compatible and completely independent recorder consort (#20198R), and string quartet or orchestra (#20198S) settings. Solo recorder, violin or C instrument can be used in lieu of the quartets.  A “Tenor 2” part is included for those ensembles that do not own a bass recorder.  Some selections have optional chimes and percussion.  The set includes 7 pieces: Ballet, Bransle de la Torche, Courante, Pavane de Spaigne, Sarabande, Spagnoletta, and Volta.  All instrumental parts are included with the collection, and permission is granted to photocopy the handbell scores and instrumental parts, which makes them quite a bargain at $29.95.  Although they are duplicating masters, they are printed on quality 11 x 17 paper, like standard sheet music. Repertoire for the 2011 Hong Kong Handbell Festival. Lvl. 2.

Do Lord. Quartet, 3 oct. An introduction reminiscent of “I got plenty of nothing” along with malleted accompaniment throughout adds to the fun in the arrangement of this familiar spiritual.  #1030.

Fanfare for an Uncommon Instrument. 4-5 oct. with optional 2 oct. chimes, 2 oct. "alternate bells," brass quartet, or solo trumpet. Has processional/antiphonal and double choir options. Commissioned by Velocity Handbell Ensemble for their Vintage & Vogue tour. A quartet/3 oct. version is available also (see below). All settings are completely compatible AND completely independent, so they can be performed separately or in any combination. Lvl. 4. HB Score: #20172; Brass Quartet #20172B;

Solo Trumpet Part #20172T. Live Performance: uncommon_live.mp3

Fanfare for an Uncommon Instrument. Quartet -OR- 3 oct./opt. 2 oct. chimes, 2 oct. alternate bells, brass quartet or trpt. Processional/antiphonal and double choir options. (Compatible with above arrangements.) Lvl. 4. #20172-Q.

Gloucester Wassail. 3-5 oct.. opt. chimes, Turn back the clock with this rousing Medieval carol, complete with optional 1 octave Whitechapel Cup Bells (Cymbells or alternate bells), recorder (C-instrument) and percussion! It can be used for church under its sacred title “Gloucester Carol.” Lvl. 3. #20502.

Holy Manna. Quartet, 3 oct. bells or chimes. This versatile arrangement has 4 performance options: handbell or handchime quartet, handbells with chime accompaniment (or vice-versa), solo handbell with keyboard accompaniment and solo C instrument with handbell/chimes or keyboard. #1037.

Let All Mortal Flesh. Quartet, 3 oct. bells with optional chimes.  #1040.  MP3

My Faith Looks Up to Thee. 3-5 oct./opt. 3-4 oct. chimes.  A spirit-filled Gospel arrangement suitable for church, concert or festival.  Has a separate compatible/completely independent SATB choir anthem also.  Lvl. 3. HB Score: #20180; SATB choir #20180-C.

Noel Nouvelet. Quartet, 3 oct.  Can be played for Christmas or Easter season as “Now the Green Blade Rises.” #1039.

O Waly,Waly. Quartet, 3 oct. bells or chimes. Suitable for general or weddings under the title Gift of

Love.  #1038.

NEW!  On Eagle’s Wings.  3-5 oct. handbells, opt. 3 oct. chimes.  Commissioned by the congregation of Hillsborough Reformed Church, Millstone, NJ.  Publisher’s description:  This lovely Jan Michael Joncas song has been given a fresh new feel.  A mixture of LV accompaniment and bell and handchime melodies combine for a tender and expressive arrangement that will inspire ringers and listeners alike.  A few very special touches such as singing bell and mart-lifts really set this apart.

Lvl. 3.  #20613.

On This Day Earth Shall Ring. Processional/antiphonal arrangement for 3-5 oct. with optional 2 oct. chimes, 2 oct. alternate bells, & perc. ad lib. Lvl. 2. #20166. A quartet version is available also (see below).  Live Performance:  earth_shall_ring_live.mp3

On This Day Earth Shall Ring. Quartet, 3 oct. Processional/antiphonal arrangement for 3 octave quartet with opt. chimes & alternate bells. #1026.

Saint Louis Blues. 3-5 oct. gutsy, “down and dirty” arrangement of this famous Jazz standard!  This innovative work sports an optional "vamp" section for an improvised jazz soloist (sax, trumpet, guitar, harmonica, etc.), ad lib.  Another handbell first, to my knowledge!  Level 3+ A guaranteed show stopper for concert, festival conference, or symposium!  They’ll be dancing in the aisles!  Repertoire for 2012 Distinctly Bronze West and Bay View Week of Handbells 2015. #20349.

Spiritus (Avalon). Two compatible versions:  5-7 oct./opt. 5-7 oct. chimes, -OR- 3-4 oct./opt. 2-4 oct. chimes, both with optional flute, bar or wind chimes. Lvl. 3. Avalon is an original programatic composition which captures the rich mysticism of English folklore. Inspiration for this piece influenced by the works of Vaughan Williams’s and Gustav Holst. The opening showcases the lower 6-7 octave chimes in the 5-7 version; and 3-4 in the latter setting. Unique elements include gorgeous, lush bass chords; singing bell technique; suspended, malleted treble ostinato; and a new technique called the “shimmer,” which was invented by Rusty Sanders. This piece is equally at home in church or the concert stage, this highly orchestral work is a great choice for symposium or festival conference. The piece was commissioned in 2007 by Nancy Hascall/Bells of the Cascades for their "Magic, Mystery and Majesty" concert. #20286-5.

Computer generated MP3:  avaloncg.mp3     From the Top SoundPrint MP3:  SpiritusAvalon.mp3

NEW!!  Strife is O’er.  3-5 oct. handbells with opt. chimes and alternate bells. Publisher’s description:  This is a creative yet straight-forward arrangement of the hymn tune, Victory.  The bass (C3-C4) is malleted throughout, and can be covered by one ringer. The addition of optional handchimes and optional alternate bells adds a very nice and interesting change. Suggested assignments are listed in the Performance Notes.  Lvl. 3-. #20530.

Three Patterned Solos. 3 oct. unaccompanied solo with bell tree, and optional drone. These solos are easy to get together, and you don't even need an accompanist!  Since the patterns are interchangeable and/or may be improvised, every performance can be different and unique. Play unaccompanied or with an instrumental, random ring, and/or singing bell drone.  The set includes Savior of the Nations, The Strife Is O’er and Ah, Holy Jesus… something for Christmas, Lent and Easter!  Publisher’s Description: An innovative, creative collection of three unaccompanied hymns arranged for the handbell soloist. Seven to ten melodic “patterns” performed on bell trees are provided for each solo. They are to be inserted between phrases of the hymn, which is rung with bells on the table. Lvl. easy, medium. #1075.

Ah_Holy_Jesus.mp3     Strife_is_Oer.mp3     Savior_of_the_Nations.mp3

Publisher’s Descripton:  Tote-a-Bells is the title of a new series of music which requires only the bells and chimes, a music stand and music – easily transported to any venue. There are four sets available for purchase with more to be added as time goes on. Each of these sets contains two carols. There are many performance options to suit your needs such as bell tree, processional, handchimes and more… you will need to look at each set for the amazing variety suggested, depending on your needs. #20410-A through #20410-F, respectively.

Tote-a-Bells for Caroling, Set A: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” & “Sleep of the Infant Jesus” 2-4 oct. bells or chimes, opt. percussion.

Tote-a-Bells for Caroling, Set B: “O Come All Ye Faithful” & “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” 2-5 oct. bells. “Hark the Herald” has an optional processional.

Tote-a-Bells for Caroling, Set C: ”Once in Royal David’s City” & “Silent Night” 2-5 oct. bells or chimes. “Silent Night” has an optional descant.

Tote-a-Bells for Caroling, Set D: “Pat-a-Pan” & “What Child Is This” 2-3 oct. bells or chimes, opt. C instrument and percussion. “What Child” has an optional belltree.

NEW! Tote-a-Bells for Caroling, Set E: “Deck the Halls” & “Up on the Housetop” 2-5 oct. bells, opt. slapstick and/or slide whistle. #20410-E.

NEW! Tote-a-Bells for Caroling, Set F: “Jingle Bells” & “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” 2-5 oct. bells, opt. sleigh bells. “Hark the Herald” has an optional processional. #20410-F.

When Christ our Lord was Born/He Shall Feed His Flock. 3-5 oct./opt. 1 oct. chimes. A pastoral setting of the Sicilian "Bagpiper's Carol with snippets of Handel's "He Shall Feed His Flock" in the introduction, interludes and ending. Lvl. 3. #20185.


Nowell Sing We. Pull out all the stops and have your choir, recorder consort, string orchestra (or quartet) and handbell choirs join forces for this rousing setting of the Medieval carol! Use a hand drum or tambourine ad lib for extra flair. Employs a Landini Cadence, another “first” in handbell literature! Arrangements for all the ensembles are completely independent and can be performed by as few as one, to all of the ensembles in any combination. 3-5 oct. with optional 3-4 oct. chimes GIA #G-6366; SATB choir #G-6367; recorder quartet #G-6367INST-B (incl. full score); string quartet or orchestra #G-6367INST-A (incl. full score). Lvl. 3.

Psallite (Praetorius). Looking for a bell/choral/orchestra arrangement for Christmas? This setting is compatible with most of the choral transcriptions published (see matching SATB choir anthem GIA

#G-2136). Arrangements for all ensembles are independent so they can be performed in any combination, together or separately. 3-5 oct./opt. 2 oct. chimes, recorder quartet, string quartet or orchestra. Lvl. 2. Jeffers “HOT 40” title. #G-6341. Live Performance:  psallite.mp3

Canto de Esperanza. 3-5 oct./opt. 2-3 oct. chimes, marimba (C inst.), guitar, claves, congas, maracas, vibra slap. Repertoire: 2009 Feb Fest, Houston, TX; 2007 Youth Handbell Festival, Baptist State Convention, NC; 2006 CORD Festival, OK. Lvl. 3. #G-6624. Live Performance:  canto.mp3

Eres Digno (You Are Worthy). 3-5 oct./opt. 2 or 5 oct. chimes. Another Latin American favorite! A Sheet Music Plus Best Seller. Lvl. 3. #G-6881.


Two Schubert Waltzes. 3-5 oct. handbells. Lvl. 2+. #HB-0166.

GRP selections that have gone out of print have been re-released by 4 Tolled Publishing.


BelAyre. 3 oct./opt. flute (C inst.) OR bell solo/piano. Original composition in a soft Jazz style. Lvl. 2. #HM-01-046.  BelAyre.mp3

Caribbean Canon. 3-5 oct./opt. Marimba, steel pan (&/or) flute-like inst., percussion & bass guitar. Original composition with an island flair! Repertoire for the 2009 1st Asia Handbell Festival, Singapore.  Lvl. 3. #HM-01-040.  Caribbean.mp3    Caribbean_opt_instruments.mp3

Child is Born in Bethlehem, A. (Puer Natus). 3 oct./optional 2 oct. chimes, sopranino recorder, (C inst.), lute (guitar) bass gamba (cello) & percussion. Lvl. 3. #HM-01-059.   Child_born.mp3

Consolation. 3 oct, Medley of Come Ye Disconsolate and When Peace Like a River. Each tune has its say and then the 2 are interwoven. Excellent choice for Lent or funerals.  Lvl. 2. #HM-01-016.  


Contemplation. 3 or 5 oct./opt. chimes or flute. Original composition in the style of a Baroque chorale prelude. Another piece with a completely independent treble line (instead of doubling), giving the 2 versions a distinctly different character (and level ratings).  Commissioned by Laurie Sanders for Crusader Bells, San Diego, CA and played by them on this recording. Lvl. 3. #HM-01-022. Contemplation.mp3

Echo Fanfare. Double (or single) handbell choir (3 & 5 oct.)/opt. organ or 3 or 5 oct./opt. organ. Original antiphonal composition with 6 performance options great for a festival conference where double choirs are handy! Lvl. 2. #HM-08-002.   echo.mp3

Greensleeves. Handbell solo (2-4 oct.)/Guitar accomp. See Bells Guitar page for description and sound files. #HM-05-010.

Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal. 5-6 oct. handbells.  An upbeat, energetic arrangement with 16th note filigree to keep your treble ringers busy!  The sensitive “B” section provides a nice contrast. Was used to audition/place ringers at Pinnacle.  Like Elysium, Contemplation, Vortex, et al, this piece sports an independent line in the upper 4th-5th octave, instead of just doubling the melody up.  Lvl. 3. #HM-01-071.  Hark.mp3

Hush a Bye. (All the Pretty Little Horses)  A contemplative, relaxing arrangement of this beautiful American folk lullaby.   3 oct./opt. 3 oct. chimes & perc. Lvl. 2. #HM-01-072.  Hush.mp3

Indonesian Impressions. 5 oct. An original composition which imitates the sound of a Javanese gamelan. Uses a technique I borrowed from Gamelan, called a “pinch damp.” Lvl. 3. #HM-01-019.  Live performance from Campanelli’s 2017 USA Tour:  Indo_Wash_Crossing_.mp3

Jig Fugue in C (Buxtehude). 4-5 oct. lvl. 5. This recording played by MACH, Madison, WI, Dr. Susan S. Udell, Director.  #HM-01-031.  Jig.mp3

O Come, Little Children. Handbell solo (2 oct.)/Guitar accomp. See Bells Guitar page for description and sound files. #HM-05-011.

Panis Angelicus (Franck). Duet: Flute (or 1 oct. chimes)/handbell (2 oct.)/keybd accomp. A best seller. Commissioned by Stephanie Wiltse, handbell soloist and director of Embellish. #HM-05-004.

PanisChimeBells.mp3      PanisFluteBells.mp3

Silent Night. Handbell solo (3 oct.)/Guitar accomp. See Bells Guitar page for description and sound files. #HM-05-012.

Thanks Be To Thee (Handel). 3 oct. bells &/or chimes with opt. solo C inst., OR bell solo/ keyboard accomp. Lvl. 2. #HM-01-013.  Thanks.mp3

Two Quartets:  Ave Verum (Mozart) and St. Anthony Chorale (Haydn).  3 oct. Two arrangements for the price of one! Medium difficulty. HM-08-022.   Ave.mp3     Anthony.mp3


Away in a Manger.  SATB, piano. Publisher’s Description:  The hauntingly beautiful English folk tune, The Bold Grenadier, lays the musical foundation for the familiar text of this carol. The minor mode provides an enticing mood and the flowing piano accompaniment simulates the gentle rocking of the cradle. Four handbells may be played by one or two ringers, adding an ethereal accent.  #C5770.   Click HERE to see/hear the score.

Bwana Awabariki (May God Grant You a Blessing). 3-5 oct./opt. 3-5 oct. chimes & talking drum (or

hand drum). This fun-filled arrangement has plenty of variety, from its stopped techniques down to

the optional percussion. The call & response, rhythm, and chord voicings, are designed to imitate the sound of traditional African choral music.  The melody in the bells serves as the "leader," with the optional chimes as the "chorus." Bwana will make a unique addition to your church, concert or festival repertoire. Lvl. 2. Hope Publishing Best Seller, Jeffers “HOT 40” & J.W. Pepper Editor’s Choice.  #2533.     Click here for You Tube Vid

Heaven's Rest. 3-6 oct./optional 3 oct.chimes, penny whistle or sopranino recorder (C inst.). This reflective original composition begins in a contemplative manner and builds progressively. The melody, reminiscent of early American "southern harmony" tunes, is sustained by flowing LV accompaniment. Suitable for sacred or secular use, it is equally at home in church or concert setting. Has been used for many festivals. Lvl. 2. A Jeffers “HOT 40” title. #2155.

How Firm a Foundation/Simple Gifts Medley. 3-7 oct./opt. 3-4 oct. chimes, bell tree, 2-3 Petit & Fritsen (silver melody bells or tubular chimes), & glockenspiel. Multi textural, highly orchestral arrangement.  Repertoire for 2005 AGEHR National Festival Conference, Springfield, MO. Reformation/General. Lvl. 2+. A Jeffers “HOT 40” title. #2183. Live Performance:  foundation.mp3

I’m So Glad. 3-5 oct. This boogie/big band style arrangement of the spiritual is tons of fun to play!  Stopped sounds abound; even the bell or mallet handles get into the action as they are clicked together in the finale.  Perfect for church, concert or Festival Conference, this inventive arrangement will have them dancing in the aisles! Jeffers “HOT 40” title. Lvl. 3+. #2489.

Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending. A “piece within a piece,” the introduction, interlude and coda can be performed as an original composition. A showy piece for church, concert or festival, it can be used for Advent, general or Ascension under its alternate title, Look, Ye Saints! The Sight is Glorious. Powerful opening and closing fanfare frames the hymn tune, which receives a variety of treatments ranging from chordal, to contrapuntal and antiphonal. Counter melody, mallets and chimes serve to imitate the sound of a pipe organ. Repertoire for festivals including Bay View 2003 and the 2008 AGEHR National Festival Conference, Orlando, FL. 3-6 oct./opt. 3-4 oct. chimes. Lvl. 3+. Jeffers “HOT 40” title. #2253. Here’s an amazing example of precision ringing by the Agape Ringers, David L. Weck, conductor:  lo_live_agape.MP3    Click here for You Tube Vid 

Repeat the Sounding Joy. 3-6 oct., opt. 2 oct. chimes and orchestral chimes. Bach in one hand, Handle in the other!  Publisher’s Description: “Go Baroque this Christmas with this festive melding of Bach's "Brandenburg Concerto #3," and Handel's "Joy to the World." The concerto frames the carol in the introduction and ending, while the carol takes center stage in the middle, repeating the sounding joy! Handchimes and a malleted bass line add variety, while optional Orchestral Chimes provide interest and sparkle.” Lvl.2+. #2641. J.W. Pepper ”Editor’s Choice”


Air (Appalachian Air). 3 oct./opt. recorder (C inst.) OR bell solo/piano. My first published piece. Original composition with an Appalachian folk or Celtic feel. Recorder part may be played on penny whistle (some transposition an octave down in m.16 to 28 may be advisable). Lvl. 2. #JHS9064.     air_partial.mp3

Chorale Prelude. 3 oct./opt. oboe (C inst.) OR bell solo/organ. A barpque-like original composition. Repertoire for the 1996 AGEHR National Young Ringers Festival. 2+. #JHS9082.    chorale.mp3

Wexford Carol. 3 oct. handbells. Lvl. 2+. #JHS9128.     wexford.mp3


Juxtaposition. 5 oct./opt. 3 oct. chimes. An original composition in a “new age” style, great for concert, bronze festival selection or community choir. This recording was played by The Ringers-on-the-Green, a high school ensemble from Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, Dr. James D. Hicks, Director. Lvl. 3+. #HB-1080.  Juxt.mp3    JuxtComp.mp3

Mediævale. 3 oct./opt. piccolo (or flute/C inst.) & perc. Another “first,” this original double quartet is written for one choir using only one 3 oct. set of bells. (Each quartet has 1.5 oct. of bells.) Commissioned by Laurie and Rusty Sanders for RingOut! Ensemble and premiered at the 1999 San Diego DS. 2001-2003 repertoire for Velocity Handbell Ensemble. #HB-1056.

Strike it Up Tabor (Weelkes). 3-5 oct./opt. 3 oct. chimes, sopranino or alto recorder (C inst.) & tambourine. Another lively piece for your Madrigal Feast!  Lvl. 3. #HB-1126. 

StrikeTaborHB.mp3     StrikeTaborTutti.mp3


Star of Wonder.  3-5 oct, opt. oboe (C inst.)  Publisher’s Description: Inspired counterpoint involving two modally similar themes, Edvard Grieg's Anitra's Dance and We Three Kings, results in an exceptionally refreshing arrangement. Shakes, thumb damps and mallets are incorporated into the texture. An optional oboe (C instrument) part is included for that extra special touch. 

Lvl. 2.  #20/1618L.  J.W. Pepper “Editor’s Choice.”    Click HERE to see/hear the score.

Star in the East. 3-5 oct./opt. 2-3 oct. chimes, finger cymbals & tambourine. Perfect for Christmas

or Epiphany, this setting of the familiar “shape note” carol sports a neo-Renaissance feel with its

open 5ths, stopped articulations and optional percussion.  You can almost hear the Magi en route

to Bethlehem! J.W. Pepper “Editor’s Choice.”  20/1527L. Lvl. 2.

Twas in the Moon of Wintertime. 3 oct. handbells. An “oldie but goodie,” like many of my pieces, it was the first arrangement of this carol in print for handbells.  Lvl. 2. #20/113L-2   Twas.mp3


My Bonny Lass. 3-5 oct. w/opt. 3 oct. chimes, AATB recorder consort, string quartet or orchestra. Arrangements for all ensembles are completely independent (can be played separately) and compatible. 9 performance options. Lvl. 2+. HB score: #NMHB-622; String parts: #NMHB-622STR; Recorder parts: #NMHB-622REC; FS: #NMHB-622FS. 

BonnyBells.mp3    BonnyRec.mp3    BonnyStrings.mp3

Now is the Month of Maying. 3-5 oct./opt. chimes, sopranino recorder, (C Inst.) & tambourine. Lvl. 2. HB score: #NMHB-623; FS: #NMHB-623A   May.mp3

Passacaglia. 5 oct./opt. 5-6 oct. chimes. Commissioned by Laurie & Rusty Sanders for Crusader Bells. Variations start softly and then build progressively throughout the piece. Malleted bells, thumb damps and optional handchimes in the echo phrases are imitative of a pipe organ. Concert, bronze festival selection or church. Lvl. 4+. “Platinum Series” #HB-621.  Passacaglia.mp3

Perpetual Motion. 5 oct./opt. 5-6 oct. chimes. Commissioned by Laurie & Rusty Sanders for Crusader Bells. A thrilling show of technique, it is suitable for church, concert, or bronze festival selection. Similar to a baroque organ toccata, the melismatic 16th note themes bounce antiphonally back and forth between the upper middle and lower octaves, while articulations and chimes provide contrast. Lvl. 4. “Platinum Series” #HB-620.  Perpetual.mp3

Sing We and Chant It. 3-5 oct./opt. recorder consort or solo recorder (C Inst.). Arrangements for the ensembles are completely independent and can be played separately or together. 4 performance options. Repertoire for the 2008 AGEHR National Festival Conference, Orlando, FL. Lvl. 3. HB score: #NMHB-624; FS/Parts: #NMHB-624FS.    SingHB.mp3    SingRecorder.mp3


He Arose! 3-5 oct., optional 3-4 oct. chimes. Publisher’s Description: “Susan Nelson's arrangement expresses so well the varying moods of this beloved hymn, from “Low in the grave He lay” to “Up from the grave He arose!” Making good use of staccato techniques, optional handchimes, and thrilling, full shakes toward the end, this is an exciting presentation for Easter.”  Ring Out! Press #RO3315.  Jeffers “HOT 40” title. Click to hear He_Arose.mp3.

You Alone are Holy (Solo tu Eres Santo). If you liked "Tuya" you'll love this one too! 3-5 oct./optional 2 oct. chimes, flute (C Inst.) & guitar. A sweet, relaxed samba, the melody is featured in the treble, while chimes echo in counter melody in the battery, and then in the bass.   Vibrato chimes imitative of a marimba enhance the Latin American flavor of the piece, as does the optional flute and guitar. There is only 1 note in parenthesis and 4 bracketed notes, which is rare in 3-5 octave pieces. Lvl. 2+. #RO3271.


Whispering Hope. 3-5 oct./ optional 2 oct. chimes & 1 oct. Petit & Fritsen (alternate) bells. Music box-like accompaniment and chimes combine for an arrangement with a turn of the century charm. Lvl. 2. #SPHB-134.  Whisper.mp3

SOUNDFORTH (Bob Jones University Press)

Fantasy on Fillmore. 3-5 oct. handbells. This shape-note hymn tune is associated with many texts including “Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown,” “Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin,” and “And Can it Be,” so it will fit with a variety of readings used during the church year.  A sensitive, florid arrangement, with rich harmonies that builds to a powerful climax, then ebbs to a tender closing. Works equally well in a blended, praise, or traditional service. Lvl. 2. #268466.

The Hills are Bare in Bethlehem.  3-5 octaves w/opt. violin (C inst.).  This sensitive arrangement of the familiar shape note hymn "Prospect" can pull extra duty for Pentecost, stewardship, or general in addition to Christmas, under its alternate titles, including "Lone, Wild Bird" and as "Creating God, Your Fingers Trace."  Sparse chord voicing, parallel intervals and swing bass, punctuated by effervescent mart lifts enhance the Early American feel of the piece.  The optional violin part, reminiscent of an Appalachian fiddle, doubles the melody and then sports a haunting counter melody in the final section.  Flowing LV’s in the middle section support the lovely, traditional tune, and the piece culminates with a grand, majestic ending.  Lvl. 2. #279034. 

Computer generated MP3 with handbells & violin:  hills_bethlehem.mp3

Live Performance, handbells only:  bethlehem_SF.mp3

Trumpet Voluntary.  3-5 oct., optional trumpet and organ.  This highly versatile arrangement of John Stanley’s famous work boasts 5 performance options:  handbells, handbells and trumpet, handbells and organ, handbells with trumpet and organ, or organ and trumpet, and can even be played antiphonally!  Optional instruments are not required for performance, so the handbell part can stand alone.  Great choice for a wedding processional, recessional or festival conference opener!  Lvl. 3.

Soundforth #279075 (Handbells); #279067 (Full score/parts).

Computer generated MP3, handbells & instruments:  stanley.mp3

Live Performance, handbells only:  stanley_SF.mp3

NOTE:  All pieces are available from your favorite retailer or directly from the publishers.