4 Tolled offers several series, in addition to standard selections:

The AccessiBelltm Series consists of Level 1 & 2 music for 4 to 5 octave choirs.  While some selections span more octaves, the primary focus is on easy but interesting, well-crafted music for larger choirs. 

The ChallengeRingtm Series is exactly the opposite and offers challenging (Lvl. 2+ and above) music for 2-3 octave choirs. 

KidzRingtm Pre-school through early elementary school aged children. Updated!

4 Tolled Publishing

Need a large print edition?  Contact us at sue@susantnelson.com

NEW!  Sue’s Blues Three.  5 oct. handbells, 2 oct. chimes and solo instrument –OR- Jazz Combo (solo inst., piano, bass, drums).  Another steamy original Jazz work with a driving beat. World Premiere by Campanelli Handbell Ensemble, Inna Lai, conductor, at the “Sue’s Blues 3” concert, Tallinn, Estonia, 7/2/2019. 

NEW!  Procol Harum’s immortal “A Whiter Shade of Pale” for Organ Solo. Digital Download from Sheet Music Plus. Single for only 4.99!  Key of C.  (Not compatible with handbell arrangement.)  #STNMuse3ORG  (SMP Item H0.567499-SC001291365).

NEW!  A Whiter Shade of Pale.  3-5 oct. handbells and opt. 3 oct. chimes.  Digital Download from Sheet Music Plus.  Duplication Master, $35.00, print music for your ensemble!  World Premiere “Sue’s Blues 3” concert, Tallinn, Estonia, 7/2/2019.  #STNMuse1. (SMP Item H0.565287-SC001291365.) 

NEW!  Madrigalia!  4-5 oct. chimes or handbells with opt. percussion. Commissioned by conductor Inna Lai for the Kiili School Grazioso Handbell Ensemble. 

NEW!  Mu Suda Arka Ules. Commissioned by Carla & Larry Sue for their 5th Anniversary, and performed by Campanelli Handbell Ensemble, Inna Lai, conductor, during their 2017 USA Tour.  5-7 oct. handbells (or bass chimes), opt. 4iH Duo (soloists), chimes, and 1 oct. alternate bells.  Available from Choraegus

NEW!  Requiem for Silenced Souls.  PIANO Solo.  A 21st Century composition, commissioned by Marvin Rosen & Beata Rzeszodko-Rosen for for those that perished in the South Carolina and Florida tragedies. The 9 down-stemmed notes in the opening and 9 note melodic figure are for the victims in Charleston, while the 49 repeated “A” quarter note figure in this 49 measure long work are for the victims in Orlando. The harsh tone clusters represent how the trauma of these violent events are always with us, and have left an indelible impact on lives and society.

UPDATED!  Det Kimmer nu til Julefest (The Bells of Christmas).  SATB choir, organ, handbells, opt. handchimes and bar or wind chimes.  Commissioned by Rob Meyer for Zion Lutheran Church, Ann Arbor, MI.  A Chant-like, 21st Century composition inspired by the "O Antiphons."  Unpublished.

UPDATED!  Tu Scendi Dalle Stele.  Commissioned by the Back Bay Ringers, Griff Gall, conductor.  6 oct. handbells, 6 oct. chimes, and 1 oct. Whitechapel handbells.

Angels We Have Heard on High. 2-5 oct. AccessiBell Series. The optional trumpet(s) or brass choir not only adds versatility but gives even beginning choirs a chance to play a festive piece with other musicians during the Christmas season.  The brass parts are well within the capabilities of high school or amateur musicians.  Both ensembles are compatible and completely independent so they can be played together or as separate selections.  Lvl. 2. #4T21. $4.00, Brass parts #4T21B. $3.50. 

AngelsHB.mp3  AngelsTutti.mp3  AngelsBrass.mp3

Away in a Manger. Handbell solo (2-4 oct.)/Guitar accomp. See BellsGuitar page for description and sound files. #4T27. $4.00.

Coventry Carol. Handbell solo (2-3 oct.)/Guitar accomp. See BellsGuitar page for description and sound files. #4T26. $4.00.

Cradled in Thy Loving Arms. 3-5 oct./opt. flute. This expressive, reflective original composition in the Contemporary Christian song style includes a separate score for optional flute. Extensive use of  LV technique creates smooth accompaniment lines. Works equally well in a blended, praise, or traditional setting and is especially suited to Baptism or funeral services. #4T24. $4.00   Cradled.mp3

Daystar, a Fantasia based on "O Morning Star" and "Wake, Awake." Commissioned by Highland Park Presbyterian Church, Highland Park, IL. Recording and full description pending premiere performance January 27, 2013. For 3-4 oct. handbells, handchimes, bar or wind chimes, flute, 2 violins, trombone and jazz piano!  4T40.

The Divine Office: A Suite for Handbells. Originally commissioned for 4 octaves of Petit & Fritsen bells, cue notes have been added to adapt the pieces for regular handbells. Some movements have optional instruments, as indicated below. ©2001 4-Tolled Publishing. Each movement is completely independent and can be played separately. 

    1. Matins - Optional windchimes Lvl. 3. #4T1. $3.50       MatinsPF.mp3      Matins.mp3      MatinsScore.pdf

    2. Lauds - Lvl. 4. #4T2. $4.00                    LaudsPF.mp3    Lauds.mp3    LaudsScore.pdf

    3. Prime (Fanfare) - Lvl. 3. #4T3. $2.75    PrimePF.mp3     Prime.mp3     PrimeScore.pdf

    4. Pilgrimage (Terce, Sext & Nones) - Optional finger cymbals & tambourine). Lvl. 3. #4T4. $4.00

            PilgrimPF.mp3        Pilgrim.mp3           PilgrimScore.pdf

    5. Vespers (Fantasia based on Veni Creator & To You, Before the Close of Day) - Opt. 3 oct. chimes

            Lvl. 3+. #4T5. $3.50         VespersPFM.mp3     Vespers.mp3     VespersLive.mp3     VespersScore.pdf

    6. Compline (with the “Tallis Canon”) - Optional 3 octaves chimes. Lvl. 3+. #4T6. $3.00

            ComplinePF.mp3    Compline.mp3       CompScore.pdf

Elysium. 5 Performance options. 3 oct. OR 5 oct. bells or chimes/opt. flute(s) OR bell solo (3 oct.)/piano. My very first commission, contracted in 1996 by Laurie Sanders and Rusty Sanders (and named by him) for Crusader Bells, Pacific Beach Presbyterian Church, San Diego, CA.  Originally, it was written for 3 octaves, but they asked me to expand it to 5 when they received the manuscript.  Rather than doubling the treble 8va, I decided to write a completely independent descant line for the trebles so the 2 versions would have a different character.  This orignal composition is suitable for baptisms, weddings, or general. It also works great as an antiphonal or massed work for festivals, especially Young Ringers (3 oct., Lvl. 2.) and Adults (5 oct., Lvl. 3+).

Festive Ring. 2-3 oct. ChallengeRing Series. 8th notes whirl in this fast-paced, showy piece for the smaller choir.  Requires attention to detail in dynamics and precision in ringing.  Mallets and shakes add extra spice as the piece drives to an exciting ending. Lvl. 2+. #4T19. $3.00.   Festive.mp3

Hallelujah Chorus (Handel). 3-5 oct. Some of the development section has been omitted towards the end, reducing the amount of bell changes thus making it shorter and easier to learn. It

moves seamlessly so the missing measures will hardly be noticeable to the audience. #4T31. $3.50.

In the Bleak Midwinter. 2-5 oct. AccessiBell Series. An easy but sensitive setting, written for my bell choir at Advent Lutheran church when they were newly formed. A few dotted quarter/eighth notes keep the piece from being a level one.  Lvl. 2-. #4T20. $3.50  BleakMidwinter.mp3

Jesus Loves Me. 3-5 oct. handbells. NOT what you’re thinking. This arrangement swings ala Brubeck in 5/4 with mallets, plenty of stopped techniques and articulations! Premiered by the Conference Choir, Area XII 1996 Festival Conference. A guaranteed show stopper, perfect for festivals or concerts! Lvl. 4. ©1991 Susan T. Nelson, ©1994 4-Tolled Publishing. #4T8. $3.50.  JesusLoves.mp3   JesusLovesScore.pdf

Jesus the Strength of My Soul. Handbell or handchime solo (2 oct.)/keyboard accomp. A simple but sweet, straight-ringing solo that uses mostly quarter-note rhythms, set in E minor and E major. #4T25. $3.00

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. (2 versions) 3-5 oct. bells/opt. percussion ad.lib. OR bell solo/piano. Humorous arrangement written for Rise Kagan’s pub gig in Germany. Lvl. 3.

O Sacred Head.  Handbell solo (2-3 oct.)/Guitar accomp.  See BellsGuitar page for description and sound files. #4T32. $4.00.

Ricercare. Modern showy piece for SATB Recorder Quartet (no handbells). #4T22 

NOTE: See “Outside the Box Bells” for a free download of a handbell transcription of Ricecare

Sarabande (Corelli). 3-5 oct. bells &/or chimes with optional flute OR handbell solo/piano.

A sensitive, versatile setting of Corelli’s famous and lovely tune. ©1991 Susan T. Nelson, ©1994 4-Tolled Publishing. #4T7. $3.00.   SarabandeHB.mp3   SarabandeFlute.mp3    SarabandeScore.pdf

        Performance Options:

        1. Handbells and/or chimes.

        2. Handbells/chimes with optional Flute

        3. Handbell solo/piano accompaniment

        4. C Inst. solo/piano accompaniment

Seven. A unique piece, originally written for piano, synthesizer and available percussion in 1979; commissioned by Michele Sharik to be adapted for handbell solo, synth. & perc. in 2010.

Sue's Blues. (2 versions) 3-4 oct. handchimes/opt. C, Bb or Eb inst., guitar, acoustic bass OR bell solo (3 oct.)/chimes or keyboard. A free and breezy original composition for Jazz ensemble, concert or community handbell group. Lvl. 2.

Sue's Blues Too. (3 versions) 3-4 oct. bells, C, Bb or Eb solo inst./opt. guitar & bass, OR bell solo (2 oct.)/accomp. OR jazz ensemble (solo inst./accomp./bass).  An original composition for Jazz ensemble, concert or community handbell group. Steamy and sultry, this piece could be a soundtrack for a private eye movie!  Lvl. 2.

SoundShardsA groundbreaking work for handbell solo, marimba, prepared piano, tambura, and available percussion.  Commissioned by Michele Sharik for her Bachelor’s senior recital, November 17, 2012 at California State University, San Marcos.  Click HERE for the World Premiere with Michele Sharik;  HERE for the 2013 European Premiere with Inna Lai; and HERE for the 2017 Campanelli USA Tour.

Trilogy. 3-5 oct./opt. sop. recorder (C inst.) & electric guitar.  Walk on the wild side with this triptych that seamlessly moves from New Age to Celtic and then Rock in this original composition for festival or the concert stage. The electric guitar solo soars a-la Terry Kath, of the rock group “Chicago.” Lvl. 4. Trilogy.mp3

A Trumpet Voluntary. 2-5 oct./opt. organ or trumpet. AccessiBell Series. This highly versatile piece has 10 performance options and can include all age groups and levels.  Youth or inexperienced choirs can use the "Optional Easy Chordal Bell Part" and perform along with the organ and/or other handbell choir(s). May be played antiphonally with choirs physically separated.  For Festivals, consider having "tins" play first time through and "coppers" on the repeats.  Has been used several times for the “Ring in Praise” handbell seminars, Dunblane Cathedral, Scotland.  Here is a video of a performance at the Cathedral by the Dunblane Cathedral Handbell Ringers; Steven McIntyre, organist; Malcolm C. Wilson, conductor.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO8eW4CR5d8

HB score Lvl. 1 & Lvl. 3. (includes opt. easy chordal part) #4T23. $3.50. 

Org. Solo/Trpt. #4T23OR. $4.00

Full Score #4T23FS. $4.00

    Performance Options

    1. Handbells.

    2. Double Handbell Choir

    3. Handbells and Chimes.

    4. Handbells (regular bell part) and Chimes on "Optional Easy Chordal Bell Part

    5. Handbells and Trumpet. 

    6. Organ Solo.

    7. Organ and Trumpet.

    8. Handbells and Organ with or without solo trumpet.

    9. Organ and "Optional Easy Chordal Bell Part" with or without solo trumpet.

    10. Tutti:  2-5 oct. handbells, organ, trumpet, and chimes playing "Optional Easy Chordal Bell Part."

Vortex. 4-6 oct./ optional 2 oct. chimes &/or Petit & Fritsen (alternate) bells. Driving, forceful and energetic, this original composition packs plenty of punch! Marts, ring touch and LVs propel the piece forward to an exhilarating ending, complete with a harmonized whole tone scale (a “first” in handbell literature)! A great postlude for the advanced choir (use alternate name “Fantasia”), concert opener, closer, or bronze festival piece! Repertoire for AGEHR 2010 Distinctly Bronze East. Lvl 4. Live Performance:  vortex_live.wma

Abominations on Row Your Boat. Hilarious variations a la Bach, Verdi, et al, for 3-5 oct. with opt. chimes, boomwhackers &/or anvil. Commissioned by Laurie Sanders for RingOut! Ensemble. Lvl. 3.  Row.mp3